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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Alchemy in Movement

Alchemy in Movement - Coaching to change life! Personal life coaching in Munster. Spiritual life coaching, organizational healing and music healing. Business life coaching with training in effective presentation skills, body language courses. For Business coaching and life coaching in Ireland contact Caroline Carey.


Are you committed to improving the quality of your life? Then Alchemy in Movement is right for you!

Based in Munster Caroline Carey set up Alchemy in Movement to provide two main services

· Personal life coaching.
· Movement and meditation classes including hypnotherapy and shamanic healing

Caroline has been working for over 10 years as a fully qualified life coach, 5Rythms movement and dance teacher, NLP master practitioner and shamanic guide. She has received training by leading professionals in her field including Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), Paul McKenna and John Lavall.

Personal Life Coaching
Caroline’s personal life coaching is a results-oriented approach that works for busy people with busy lives. Together client and coach recognize and address skills gaps, promote personal development, change unwanted behaviour patterns and achieve important life goals. Caroline’s personal life coaching helps you implement action plans that move you forward, while keeping you focused on your priorities and values. Her life coaching empowers individuals to reflect, develop and change for the better! Her coaching style has been described as challenging, intelligent, warm and engaging.

Movement and meditation Classes
Caroline believes the way to achieve your goal begins by incorporating a holistic approach to life. Her deep spiritual faith as a shamanic healer coupled with her training in dance and hypnotherapy offers clients healing for both mind and body. At her workshops and seminars you will learn how to:
· Improve your posture and breath support
· Practice specific core stability and flexibility exercises
· Learn how to use body language to strengthen your non-verbal communication skills
· Through meditation and hypnotherapy learn how to utilise your own creative energy
· Improve your presentation skills
· Enjoy the journey of self-discovery

Caroline’s movement and meditation classes are open to everyone and you do not need any previous training in dance to participate in her classes. Based in Munster Caroline has taken Alchemy in Movement across all of Ireland holding seminars and bespoke workshops. Discounts are always available for those who book up early so contact Caroline today and let the journey of self-discovery begin!

Through increased demand Caroline has also set up a sister company ‘Captivate- Create’ which is geared specifically towards businesses. Training in effective presentation skills, team building, business coaching and body language courses are just some of the services on offer. Book your workshop or seminar today and receive a discount.

"Caroline Carey is a shamanic healer and teacher, who has dived deeply into the rich dark roots of the shamanic path and danced within its primal landscapes. I am very pleased that she has now chosen to share her skills in accessing the ecstatic abandonment that shamanism brings for healing and transformation: you are in good hands.” Simon Buxton - The Sacred Trust
"........ as a teacher, trainer and spiritual guide Caroline brings a presence to her work that speaks of compassion and sincerity, truly a woman of stature and depth. It is my pleasure to recommend her highly.” John Cully B.A(phil) M.A,(spir) M.A.(psyho)

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