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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Cork Vision Centre

Cork Vision Centre - Cork's visitor centre, Cork's tourist information centre, Cork's exhibition centre. For product launches, receptions, exhibitions, seminars, recitals, lectures, and educational tours visit the Cork Vision Centre at St.Peters in the heart of Cork City.

Located within the ancient walls of St. Peters Church, Cork Vision Centre has become widely recognized as one of Cork's foremost visitor and cultural attractions. Admission is free and the Centre is easy to find located within walking distance from all of Corks major cultural, shopping and tourist attractions. Here at our visitor centre enjoy our regularly changing exhibitions and our especially commissioned film on Cork. We provide free personalized tours of our wonderful model of Cork City, which will highlight all the unexpected treasures that Cork has to offer so that you won't miss out! Learn about the history and heritage of Cork on film, or simply browse through our spacious gallery. From May - August 2008 the exhibition centre proudly presents various visiting artists including the Vision Centre's very own 10 year celebration exhibition. The prestigious IPPA awards (Irish Professional Photographers Association) will be held in August 2008 and both events are free to the public! Find out more about these and other events on our website http://

Here at Cork Vision Centre you can expect the unexpected…..not only do we provide you with all the latest up to date tourist information for Cork city our venue is also highly versatile. Our bespoke building, with its beautifully restored vaulted ceiling is a unique venue for

• Product launches
• Receptions
• Exhibitions
• Seminars
• Lectures
• Recitals
• Educational Tours

For a 'one stop shop' of what Cork City has to offer you drop into Corks Vision Centre today. We promise you won't be disappointed!

The centre prides itself on its welcoming approach to visitors, and on its friendly helpful staff.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm (with the exception of Exhibition Installation Periods)

Admission is Free
Featured in Cork - Visitor, Exhibition and Tourist Information Centre

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