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Monday, 4 August 2008

Cork Chiropractic

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Cork city chiropractor treating lower back pain. Looking for the ideal lower back pain solution? Contact Ballincollig Chiropractor in Cork city.

Dr. Benjamin Martin (B.HSc M.Chiro.D.C.) is a fully qualifed chiropractor practising in Cork city since 2002. He specialises in the treatment of lower back pain, spinal injuries and joint related problems using a low force corrective care approach. Using a hand held instrument called an 'Activator', he delivers a gentle pain free thrust to correct a misaligned joint. This allows treatment to be delivered without the need for the 'twists and cracks' normally associated with chiropractic care.

The initial visit at 'Ballincollig Chiropractor' in Cork city will include a full case history, a consultation and a non intrusive examination with a thermal and sEMG scan. Dr. Martin looks past the symptoms to find the cause, and by treating the cause he has successfully helped patients with ailments such as: lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, allergies, work related injuries, sport injuries and infant colic etc. Open from:

  • Mon 10 - 12 and 3 - 7pm
  • Tue 3 - 7pm
  • Wed 10 - 12 and 3 - 7pm
  • Thu 3 - 7pm
  • Fri 10 - 12 and 3 - 7pm

With all leading healthcare providers ( VHI, Quinn Direct and Hibernian Health)

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1 comment:

Alina said...

Too much medicine is not good. For me,back pain cork is the best for treating for body pains..

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